Tenants Guide

Exceeding Expectations



  • Discuss the renting of a property, with the family and all other decision makers.

  • Make sure everyone is on the same page with you.

Consult with Your Broker

Once you've made the decision, it is time to bring the subject to a professional real estate broker.  A broker can:

  • Save you time by running  and organized search for the property of your needs.

  • Schedule and line up property showings based on your availability.

  • Accompany you to the showings and provide information about the visited property.

  • Provide you with professional price analysis of your selected properties.

  • Effectively negotiate the best deal for you.

  • Facilitate your application approval, final walk through and closing.

Timely Planning

  • We recommend starting the actual search for a rental property no sooner that 45 days from your desired move in date. Landlords usually would not consider rental applications any sooner.


  • Once you find a broker that is in line with your goals, it would be beneficial to you to stay with that broker throughout the process. This would help you see more relevant properties. Your broker becomes more familiar with your needs as you visit properties and optimizes the search based on your feed backs, leading to a more efficient search and desirable property.


  • Emotions will cause renters to make decisions that could cause regret afterwards.

  • Make sure before making any decisions, submitting an offer or rejecting a counter offer,  to consult with your real estate broker. Your broker can see through an expert lens and could offer you valuable suggestions.


  • Willing to show some flexibility, projects your positive approach and would often be appreciated by landlords and encourage them to respond in the same manner.

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